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Irving TX Barbeque Restaurants

Popular Dishes at Irving, TX Barbeque Restaurants

Texas is known for its barbeque. When it comes to making good barbeque, Texas is famous for it! No matter what type of barbeque you’re in the mood for, you’re sure to find a barbeque restaurant in Irving, TX that will satisfy your cravings. Most barbeque restaurants smoke their meats. Popular woods used include hickory, mesquite, or oak and they all give the meat the extra flavor they need to soak in the taste over the cooking period.

Texas may be known for a lot of things, but barbeque is near the top of the list, and Outlaw’s BBQ is one of the best Irving barbeque restaurants!Irving TX Barbeque Restaurant


Ribs are one of the best sellers at Irving, TX barbeque restaurants. Ribs are typically cooked on a low temperature over several hours in order to allow the meat to really soak in the flavors of the spices and smoke. A sign of a good rack of ribs is when the outside is cooked just enough to not be burnt, while the inside is juicy and tender.


Another popular choice at a barbeque restaurant in Irving, TX is brisket. Brisket is a cut of meat that is great for barbequing because the meat is tougher and is able to tenderize while it’s being cooked. A good brisket should be cooked on very low heat for at least half a day. It might seem like quite a long cooking time, but it’s well worth the wait! With the right cooking time and the right barbeque sauce and spices, the brisket will come out tasting better than anything you could have ever imagined!

Barbeque Pork Sandwich

Who could forget the classic barbeque pulled pork sandwich? Barbeque pork piled high on top of your choice of bun, topped with the barbeque sauce of your choice. Speaking of barbeque sauce, let’s look at your options! Whether you prefer spicy, smoky, mesquite, or sweet, Outlaws Barbeque is sure to have a sauce that is right for you. Be sure to ask for plenty of extra sauce to cover your sandwich for the full messy experience of barbeque eating!


Don’t forget the sides! What would a good barbeque meal be without the amazing sides? Some of the most popular choices for sides at Outlaw’s BBQ restaurant in Irving, TX are coleslaw, baked beans, cornbread, corn on the cob, and macaroni and cheese. With so many great sides to choose from, you’re sure to find one that will satisfy your cravings! And, of course, don’t forget the sweet tea!

If you’re craving delicious Texas barbeque, head on down to Outlaw’s BBQ and eat to your heart’s content! Dig in and enjoy!

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